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Most enterprise users today manage their contacts from software such as Microsoft Outlook, which has a rich user interface that allows users to easily manage their contact list. NexLabs SMARTSync is an easy-to-use Windows application that enables users to upload their Microsoft Outlook contacts to a Personal Phone Book stored in a server and accessible from the Cisco IP Phone. Once the contacts database is accessible from a Cisco IP Phone, users can now search their contacts and call directly from the phone. When NexLabs SMARTCallerName application is installed, the caller name pops up on the phone’s LCD when the contact calls.

Easy as 1-2-3

Performing a sync requires only 3 easy steps:
  1. Download the contacts from Outlook
  2. Fine-tune the contacts to sync by unchecking specific contacts
  3. Upload to SMARTSync Server

Incremental Search in SMARTSync Personal Phone Book

Incremental Search allows users to search for staff name by simply keying the numbers representing the alphabets on the numeric keypad. It is a proven method to productively search a database. Example, to search for a name “cliff”:

Normal Incremental Search
Characters # of Keystrokes Characters # of Keystrokes
C 2-2-2 Total: 3 C 2 Total: 1
L 5-5-5 Total: 3 L 5 Total: 1
I 4-4-4 Total: 3 I 4 Total: 1
F 3-3-3 Total: 3 F 3 Total: 1
F 3-3-3 Total: 3 F 3 Total: 1
Total 15 Keystrokes Total 5 Keystrokes

Normal method of keypad input will require 15 keystrokes whereas with NexLabs incremental search it is just 5 keystrokes. Moreover, as the search commences immediately after 3 inputs, it is possible to find a mapping in just 3 keystrokes!