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The Cisco IP Phone is the gateway to important resources such as access to international calls, viewing of sales and productions figures on the phone LCD panel, to name a few. NexLabs’ SMARTPin for the Cisco IP Phone allows the administrator to control access to such protected assets through PIN input and authentication.

The most popular application for SMARTPin is for IDD call authorisation. Users listen to easy-to-follow voice prompts to enter their Pin from the numeric keypad. Once authenticated, they can then proceed to dial the IDD number. With SMARTPin, the administrator will be able to accurately keep track of “who” made “what” calls from “which” phone. It is totally secured as the pin issued is randomised and not tied to any physical phone. It is convenient as any authorised user can then make an IDD call from any phone located in the company.

Configurable Call Flow

You can designate a special dial plan to invoke SMARTPin, say dial an ‘8’ to invoke international calls. You will then hear a configurable welcome message response. All the user needs to do is key in their unique PIN number followed by <#> key, then the international number they wish to dial, followed by the <#> key. It is that simple. The voice prompts to guide the users are optional processes that can be disabled for advance users.

Know “Who” is Accessing the Resources

Be it international calls, or voice resources containing sensitive corporate information such as sales or inventory figures, you will be able to know “who” is accessing these resources. SMARTPin reports on each call:
  • Name of person making the call
  • Extension where the call was made from
  • Details of the call – destination number, time
    and duration

Easy PIN Management

Through an intuitive web interface, an administrator can easily add, edit and delete users who have access to these privileges. Random and unique PIN numbers are automatically generated by the system.

Direct Inward System Access (DISA)

DISA allows all IDD calls to be centralized and reduce
employee’s paperwork such as having to claim for
official IDD expenses.

SMARTPin Optional Modules and Services
  • Fail-over option with redundant SMARTPin servers
  • Customised Call Flow and Voice Responses
  • Customised report formats
  • Rating Server to input IDD rates to generate the
    cost of each IDD call