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SMARTDialler is a productivity application that allows users to highlight a telephone number from any Windows application, activate a hot key (Eg, CTRL-T) and the user’s IP Phone will automatically dial the number highlighted. Without SMARTDialler, users will have to manually key in the number they see on the PC which is both tedious and error prone. User can also trigger the dialing by clicking on the SMARTDialler icon at the system tray located on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Key Features
  • Works with all Cisco IP Phone models
  • Works with most Windows applications
  • Configurable Hot Key selection based on user’s preference
  • Trigger dialing by clicking on the SMARTDialler icon located at the system tray

SMARTDialler Web Plugin
Dialling a number from the web browser cannot be easier. Simply select the number on the page. A popup will list the possible dial permutations eg. Internal, PSTN, or IDD call.

The Plugin knows when to popup for the right selection, giving users a non-intrusive experience. It also retains the original rendering of the page by not marking up the content.