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NexLabs’ “Cisco IP Phone Essentials” is a suite of applications that leverage on the power of convergence to provide users with value-added voice-data benefits. These essential phone applications enable you to have frequently accessed information at your fingertips, thus increasing business productivity and enhancing the value of your investment in the Cisco IP Phone system.

News Services

Be updated of the latest news all the time! As the phone is always on, critical news can be read from the comfort of your desktop. You can browse through the headlines and select to read only the news that are of interest.
  • Services Available: World News, Singapore News, Business News, Sports

Local Services

Wondering what time your foreign guest is arriving at the airport? Wondering which highway is less congested? Get all these local information and more from the phone!
  • Services Available: Airline Flight Arrival/ Departure, Traffic Alert, Weather Report, Foreign Currency, 4D / TOTO / COE results

Global Services

Preparing an overseas trip? Check out the time, weather, currency rates and IDD codes of any country in the world from the phone. The world at your fingertips!
  • Services Available: Global Time, Global Weather, Foreign Exchange Rates, IDD Country and Area Code

Directory Services

Provide you with a searchable directory of public service officials and Singapore registered company and a convenient one-touch dial to the destination party!
  • Services Available: Singapore Government Directory, Singapore Company Directory


Booking a SMRT taxi can be accomplished at the touch of a few buttons! You simply select the destination and wait for a confirmation message containing the cab number, and the estimated arrival time from the taxi company. There is no need to speak to an operator or
listen to elevator music while being put on hold!