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NexLabs’ SMARTAudioCast allows administrators to leverage their existing Cisco IP Phone infrastructure as a Public Announcement System to broadcast live voice messages to all or group of phones in the enterprise. There is no need to invest in additional infrastructure as SMARTAudioCast transform an IP Phone to a speaker for voice announcement.

Ease of Use

The administrator selects the group of phones to receive the broadcast from the phone’s LCD panel. All the phone speakers in the selected group will be activated and the administrator can commence the broadcast by simply speaking from the phone. The voice announcement will be streamed live to the selected group of phones. Pre-recorded voice messages can also be saved in advance and the audio stream can be scheduled to be sent immediately or at a later time from the web interface.

Multiple Functions

Send important voice announcement using SMARTAudioCast to all your employees. Typical examples of voice broadcast are:
  • Fire drill, emergency evacuation
  • Reminders for department meetings
  • IT related reminders for scheduled server
  • HR announcements such as introduction of new
    staff and holiday greetings
  • Zone paging to deliver messages to targeted user

Ease of Administration

SMARTAudioCast is fully integrated to Cisco CallManager. Setting up the groups is a breeze. SMARTAudioCast will automatically synchronise with the Cisco CallManager for the user names and department grouping. You can further create or recategorise your own groups from an easy-to-use web based interface. Department heads can be empowered with the capability of making voice announcements to their team.