At NexLabs, we realise that in today's ever-changing market place, partnerships are the cornerstone of successful technology companies.

As the leader in Intelligent Messaging solutions, NexLabs is dedicated to helping our Partners succeed in their business and fostering strong business relationships.

At NexLabs, we recognize that our success is closely related to the success of our partners. Therefore, we have developed the NexLabs Business Alliance (NBA) program especially for you:

Reseller Partner

NexLabs Reseller Partner program provides resellers the opportunity to offer state of the art monitoring and alerting technology to their customers. With the growth of the mobile Internet market, TrackEngine's proposition to deliver Right Information to the Right People at the Right Time will find relevance in most market internationally.

Solution Partner

The Solution Partner program is designed for partners like System Integrators, Consultants and iBuilders who provide customised value added solutions to their customers. NexLabs' unique technology enables Solution Partners to create innovative solutions for their customers.

Technology Partner

The Technology Partner program is designed specifically for partners who need access to NexLabs TrackEngine Software Development Kit. In this Internet Age, speed to market is of utmost importance, Software Developers can quickly embed NexLabs technology to create integrated software solutions complementary to NexLabs products.

Value Partner

Internet Service Providers, Application Service Providers and Content Providers would find the Value Partner program a low risk venture to offer TrackEngine services to their valued customers. To stand out from the vast Internet forest, innovative and value added service like TrackEngine encourage customers' loyalty and thus improve revenue.

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