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NexLabs award-winning Intelligent Products allow you to manage your business intelligently by increasing productivity and delivering true intelligence and insights into the competitive landscape. With more than 100 customers round the world, NexLabs neural network and natural language processing technologies deliver unmatched quality, value and accuracy.

TrackEngine Family

TrackEngine Enterprise: Empower you to monitor any Internet web pages and be alerted automatically of new content matching your interest.

TrackEngine WebMaster: Empower the webmaster to disseminate online content via email or SMS in 1 minute.

TrackEngine Anti-Defacement (SiteWarden): Last line of Defense against web defacement.

TrackEngine Anti-Phishing: Early warning system against phishing attacks.

Trendicate Family

Trendicate Enterprise: Trendicate is the only complete, integrated and intelligent solution to manage massive unstructured content. The comprehensive set of intelligent text analysis technologies in Trendicate allow the users to track Internet and Intranet content, and subsequently to categorise and mine massive unstructured document set for knowledge and intelligence.


SMARTApps is an innovative suite of products for IP Phones that is developed based on NexLabs "Converged Audio-Data Architecture" (CADA), a comprehensive software platform, which allows different devices such as IP phone, mobile phone, PC and PDA to communicate seamlessly in the converged world.