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NexLabs’ Trendicate is a new generation of market intelligence solution that offer insights into the competitive landscape. Trendicate uses NexLabs’ patented technologies to monitor the rich content in the Internet that are then automatically categorised, and analysed with state-of-the-art natural language processing tools. The state-of-the-art knowledge discovery technologies in Trendicate transform information into actionable intelligence thus empowering enterprises with insights of emerging trends, online mindshare, brand management and even to discover previously unknown relationships and competitors.

In today’s fast pace world, it is all about using technology for business acceleration so as to enable faster and better business decision making to outpace the competition!

Track Internet Content Round the Clock

Trendicate patented intelligent agents will track any online sites such as competitors’ sites, news, online publication etc for competitive information round the clock ensuring that you will never miss any important information.

Intelligent Tools to Manage Massive Unstructured Information

Trendicate state-of-the-art Neural Network and Natural Language Processing technologies allow users to easily find order in massive unstructured information. Documents are first automatically categorized into user-defined taxonomy. To allow users greater convenience in managing documents, the articles are also automatically summarized and ranked. In Trendicate, articles are automatically ranked based on Prominence, an intelligent metric to determine the importance of an article based on proprietary algorithms, which understand the semantics of the written language.

Intelligence and Knowledge Discovery

Trendicate rich arsenal of intelligent knowledge discovery tools allows you to mine your documents for intelligence and knowledge, which you might not know previously about your competitive landscape. You can query your documents using natural language, which is far more expressive, then mere keyword search. Trendicate natural language technologies allow you to generate “Intelligence Buzz” which automatically reports to you other companies, people and place that were reported in the articles. You can also spot trends in technologies, brand shift, media buzz from the business analytics tools that generate charts such as Online Mindshare and Online Mentions Trends.