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TrackEngine™ WebMaster, based on NexLabs' unique patented Content Analysis and Differential Engine (CADE), is an ideal tool for any Internet Content Portals to deliver right information to their loyal subscribers at the right time on the right device.

In the age of information overload, Internet properties, such as information/ news portals, eCommerce sites, and auction sites, must be able to deliver personalised information to maintain customer loyalty. With TrackEngine WebMaster installed at a web site, visitors invoke the service by clicking a 'Track' button on the web page. A customised form will pop up to allow users to enter their topic of interest and email address. With that the user can sit back and relax. TrackEngine will relentlessly track the site for new web content that satisfies the user's tracking parameters. When a match is found, TrackEngine will alert the users at any fixed or wireless communication device ,with the new content or a URL link for immediate access to the site.

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