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Despite all the investment spent securing networks, hackers still frequently manage to infiltrate companies and government web sites all over the world. This is also complicated by the frequent vulnerabilities discovered in Internet software and it requires the Webmaster to vigilantly apply the latest patches to secure the holes.

It is no wonder that in the 2004 CSI/FBI security survey, it was reported that web defacement constitutes 70% of all known cyber attacks.

Last Line of Defense Against Hackers

The objective of many hackers is to deface the home pages so as to create maximum embarrassment to the site owners. Many web sites have been replaced with pornographic and politically sensitive messages despite all the precaution taken by webmasters.

NexLabs SiteWarden is the “Last Line of Defense” against web defacement when all electronic defenses have failed. It is specially designed for corporate webmasters to protect their website from defacement and brand vandalism on the Internet. Internet web pages are now important corporate assets and it is important to maintain the integrity of its content against hackers who prey on lapses in security for cyber vandalism. SiteWarden is a new generation of monitoring tool with intelligent heuristics to keep track of content changes in a web page at regular intervals 24 hours a day. Upon detection of content changes, an alert via SMS or e-mail will be triggered to promptly notify the site owner for immediate attention against potential defacement. The heart of SiteWarden is based on NexLabs’ patented Content Analysis and Differential Engine that has also powered the award winning TrackEngine™ product.