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TrackEngine™ Enterprise's monitoring and alerting capabilities allow corporations to perform competitive intelligence on the Internet. Corporations with huge Intranet contents will also find it useful as an information management tool. TrackEngine Enterprise can be installed behind a corporate firewall and it allows end users to track any Intranet and Internet sites.

To Competitive Intelligence (CI) experts, information needed for a CI program is already 90% publicly available, and the remaining 10% can be deduced. Today, the Internet is a rich source of primary and secondary information which can be harnessed for CI. But how often do you find yourself going to the same site just to check whether there is new content? Moreover, even if you find new content, they may not be of your interest. This process of visiting and revisiting a site is both time consuming and unproductive.

NexLabs' TrackEngine revolutionises the paradigm of information management, by monitoring your favourite sites relentlessly for predefined keywords. It notifies you on any fixed or wireless device only when there is new content of your interest. With TrackEngine, you will never miss any information for CI!

Once TrackEngine Enterprise is installed in your corporate server, employees enable their browsers with a simple drag-and-drop action to create a 'Track Me!' button on the toolbar. With that, you can surf the net as usual, and whenever you come to a site that requires tracking, you can activate TrackEngine by simply clicking on the 'Track Me!' button. A pop-up form appears that allows you to personalise your tracking preferences. With that, you can sit back and relax. TrackEngine will take over the 24x7 monitoring, and alert you when its intelligent CAD Engine detects new content of your interest.