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NexLabs’ SMARTIntercom allows users to setup and activate individual or group intercom function quickly for the Cisco IP phones. SMARTIntercom do not need any additional CallManager resources such as shared lines or the use of complex route patterns. NexLabs’ innovation provides a web-based user interface for easy user management and efficient multicast stream for communication.

Individual/ Group Intercom Made Easy

A typical setup between two phones can be easily done in seconds via a web based graphical user interface. The SMARTIntercom call is invoked through the phone’s “Services” menu, where the user can select to intercom to either a single phone or a group. The called phones in the intercom session will hear a unique ring tone and auto answer by activating the speaker phone.

SMARTIntercom calls are treated as priority calls that will barge in discretely if the called party is on the phone. At the same time the external party whom the called party is speaking to will not hear the merged transmission. This discrete merging of phone calls is
known as the “whisper” mode.

You can use SMARTIntercom for:
  • Any teams that require quick and regular communication
  • Boss-Secretary communication

Key Features
  • Easy-to-use web based administration to setup
  • Priority Call: Discrete barge-in feature even when the called party is on a phone call to ensure that the SMARTIntercom session is always through.
  • “Whisper” mode compliments the priority call feature by allowing the audio message to be heard only by colleagues in the office using the IP Phone. The external party will not be able to hear the message.
  • Alert tone is played when there is an Intercom session. This tune is different from the normal ring tone.
  • Bi-directional communication during the Intercom session.