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In most organizations, meeting rooms are frequently fully booked in the reservation system, but these precious resources may not be used in reality. Users compound the problem by reserving a room in advance just to secure the precious resource for meetings even though the meetings are not confirmed and may eventually be cancelled. As a result, it is difficult for staff to conduct ad-hoc meetings in the rooms as all resources appear to be fully booked in the system.

NexLabs SMARTRoom system installed in an application server will retrieve current meeting resource information from Microsoft Exchange server. The system will present the meeting rooms status on a color plasma/LCD TV via a network connected PC or the Cisco Digital Media Player.

NexLabs SMARTRoom enhances the utilization of the meeting rooms by:

  • Providing status information of meeting rooms which were booked in advance but eventually not utilized. These rooms should be made available for other ad-hoc meetings.
  • Meetings which ended earlier than the booking period. These rooms should also be marked as available so that other users with ad-hoc meetings can utilize the resource.

Summary of Features
  • Allow the Cisco IP Phone in the meeting room to display the current reservation information such as Title of Meeting, Staff Name, and Meeting Duration.
  • Require users to register their attendance via the meeting room IP Phones within a stipulated time period.
  • Allow users to update meeting room status if meeting ends early and release resource to others for ad-hoc reservation.
  • Provide visually pleasing meeting rooms availability information on big screen TV display so that staff who needs to conduct ad-hoc meetings will know which resource is available at a glance.
  • Allow users to reserve the room on ad-hoc basis when the room is not in used from IP Phone.
  • Full web interface to allow users to search and reserve a meeting room.
  • Advance Search allows users to specify for meeting room resources such as projector, seating capacity …etc.
  • Provide reports with daily statistics to measure meeting room utilization.
  • Optional: Integrates with Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Domino for meeting room reservation information.