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SMARTLogger is an IP based call logging system that is specially designed for Cisco Unified Communication Manager, CallManager Express and UC500 series. With SMARTLogger, all incoming and outgoing calls of monitored phone extensions will be recorded and stored in a server. The system can also be configured to allow a user to trigger on-demanding recording from the Cisco IP Phones with the voice recording starting from the beginning of the call.

Key Features
  • Web-Based Technology
    all recordings can be retrieved from anywhere at anytime with the right administration rights from an Internet browser. Flexible search filters allow calls to be located quickly.
  • Automatic Recording
    Records all calls to and from a phone extension automatically.
  • On-Demand Recording
    Individual phone can be configured with on demand recording which allows the user to flag calls in progress for recording by simply selecting a service option on the Cisco IP Phone. With passive recording, the call will be recorded from the beginning of the conversation even though the recording was triggered after the conversation has started.
  • Unified Installation
    Supports both Active and Passive Recording in the same installation.
  • Visual Playback
    On xml enabled Cisco IP Phones, users can view a list of recording, select and playback the recording directly on the phone without a PC. Visual Recording is also supported on wireless Cisco IP Phone 7925. With the wireless 7925 phones, mobile workers will be able to playback the voice recording anytime, anywhere.
  • Access Control
    Authorized personnel such as call center supervisors can be configured to have the rights to manage users, review, delete or tag a voice recording from an easy-to-use web interface using any Internet browser without installing any software on the PC. SMARTLogger flexible access control policies allow an administrator the option to configure end users to have the rights to playback a recording but not the privilege to delete the recordings.
  • Intelligent Storage Management
    SMARTLogger compresses the voice recordings for efficient storage. An hour of continuous recording consumes only about 7MB of hard disk storage. SMARTLogger administrator can specify rules to automatically delete voice recordings after a stipulated duration so that the storage remains optimum.
  • High Availability
    SMARTLogger can be configured to provide high availability with automatic fail over.