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NexLabs’ SMARTLock will allow users to ‘lock up’ their IP phones to prevent unauthorised outgoing phone calls when they are not around. Users can lock the phone immediately by selecting the option from the phone “Services” menu..

Lock Your Phone as You Would to Your Workstation

When the phone is locked, all call logs (ie. Missed Calls, Received Calls and Placed Calls) will be cleared so that user’s call logs remain confidential and will not be available when the user is away. A locked phone will also not be able to make any outgoing calls except for emergency numbers. Howeve However, the phone can still receive incoming calls
and user can also set call auto-forwarding. In the locked mode, all services from the Directories, Services and Messages buttons will also be disabled.

To unlock the phone, SMARTLock will prompt the user for the user’s CallManager User ID and Pin. Upon successful authentication, all the normal services of the phone will be restored.

Key Features

  • Convenient one-touch to lock a phone to prevent unauthorised access, especially unauthorised IDD calls.
  • Phone can continue to receive incoming calls in locked mode.
  • System can be configured to allow emergency numbers and internal extension numbers to be dialed in the locked mode.
  • Integration with Cisco CallManager allows the same CCM User ID and Pin to be used to unlock the phone.