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The Internet is highly pervasive today. Companies and individuals communicate and transact electronically over the Internet in increasing volume. With the increase in social and financial importance, the Internet also attracts undesirable attention from hackers who could attack for financial gain or for political publicity.

The threat of Phishing attacks to capture personal and confidential information is increasing exponentially. This is a form of online identity theft that usually use spoofed emails designed to lure recipients to fraudulent websites which attempt to trick them into divulging personal financial data such as credit card numbers, account usernames and passwords. NexLabs TrackEngine Anti-Phishing is the early warning system that will protect you against many forms of phishing attacks. This is the only solution in the world today that employs sophisticated Intelligent Agents techniques to monitor the Internet for potential phishing attacks.

Defacement attacks on corporate web sites for mischief or political publicity has been on the rise. In the 2004 CSI/FBI security survey, it was reported that web defacement constitutes 70% of all known cyber attacks. NexLabs TrackEngine Anti-Defacement (SiteWarden) is the solution to the increasing incidents of web defacement. SiteWarden is the “Last Line of Defense” against web defacement when all electronic defenses have failed. SiteWarden can monitor a web page for changes on a regular basis (eg, every half hour). Any changes to the web page will trigger an alert via SMS or e-mail. The prompt alert by SiteWarden will allow webmasters to remove offensive messages quickly from their site and prevent further embarrassment.