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Competitive Intelligence (CI) is not espionage! The art of CI is to know how to gather publicly available information, analyze it and form your own conclusion in the form of an intelligence report. To Competitive Intelligence experts, information needed for a CI program is already 90% publicly available and the remaining 10% can be deduced.

Today, the Internet has grown to become a rich source of primary and secondary information, which can be harnessed for organizational CI purposes. With the Web, the challenge is no longer the lack of information. Instead, the emphasis is shifted towards the timely delivery of information and the use of advance technologies to manage massive information intelligently.

TrackEngine, based on NexLabs’ patented tracking technology, is a wonderful tool for CI practitioners to conduct large-scale customized intelligence gathering by monitoring the Internet for new time-sensitive information (about their industry and competitors) that have an immediate and significant impact on the relative competitive advantages of businesses. This allows enterprises to respond expediently and appropriately to new threats and opportunities.

Trendicate uses NexLabs’ patented technologies to monitor the rich content in the Internet that are then automatically categorised, and analysed with state-of-the-art natural language processing tools. The state-of-the-art knowledge discovery technologies in Trendicate transform information into actionable intelligence thus empowering enterprises with insights of emerging trends, online mindshare, brand management and even to discover previously unknown relationships and competitors.